As a percussionist before he’d even reached a double-digit age, Rex Detiger’s first drum was a Haitian-style djembe, soon moving on to a full kit and specializing in the Hang, a steel hand-drum originating from Switzerland. At only 16, one of his original tracks was featured in the Mark Wahlberg-produced HBO series “How To Make It In America”.

His formal cultural studies expanded his creative endeavors, encompassing filmmaking, installation art, and tech development. A creator of several conceptual mobile apps, Rex aims to challenge our relationship with technology and the environment. These are themes that also manifest in his work as a video artist, often exploring language and pop culture, inviting viewers to reconsider the nature of communication.

Not confined to strictly intellectual ventures, Rex also brings the party. An accomplished DJ, he’s become a fixture in the NY nightlife scene, as well as in the city’s thriving music community. As an in-demand drummer, he’s worked with a roster of notable acts, particularly Chloe Chaidez’s ongoing project KITTEN, who he’s toured extensively with.

Suffice to say, Rex keeps busy. Whether making music, shooting films, or developing new technologies, he displays a consistent desire for interconnectedness and an overarching aim to change the way we think about creativity and culture.